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January 9, 2014 / Zoe

Dear Juniper- 4 Months

Dear Juniper,


You are, right this minute, 4 months old. Isn’t that amazing?

Ten minutes ago you were 4 minutes old, taking your first breaths after a scary entry into this world, your Mumma and Daddy staring into each other’s eyes, eagerly listening to your squeaks and snuffles after what felt like a lifetime of silence.

Five minutes ago you were 4 hours old, all I’d seen of you was a peek as you were whisked you away from the operating room, my only comfort knowing that you were with your Daddy, and that I had pumped some milk for you while I was pregnant.

Two minutes ago you were 4 days old, and I carefully and slowly carried your bundled up self from my cramped hospital room and into the open air. We were nervous and excited to have you, finally, in our house. Our Secret, our Blobby, our George, our Juniper.

One minute ago you were 4 weeks old, you were still resisting breastfeeding and your receding hairline looked a little funny. I was very sore from the surgery I had so that you could be here safely. Your Granny was looking after your Daddy and me, so that we could look after you. We loved you more than we loved ourselves and each other combined, but it was hard.

Suddenly, BAM! You’re 4 months old and it’s not so hard any more.

You’re a big girl, such a big girl. You’ve been gaining a kilo a month, and now weigh a hefty 8kg. Everyone who holds you loves to pinch your chubby thighs and nuzzle you under your chin. It’s a little bit silly, but some people think it’s only cute for babies to have thighs like yours. Don’t listen to them, my chunky love, love your body unconditionally, never let anyone dictate how your body should look. I will be your role model and show you how much I love my own chunky body. Every body is perfect in its own way.

At 16 weeks you turned into a roly-poly bug. On New Years Eve, you suddenly decided it was time for you to roll over. You had been half rolling over, back and forth, for a few weeks, but that night you were determined to do it! You insisted on floor time, you stretched, you reached, you tried to pull yourself across, grunting the whole time. When you did it your Mumma and Daddy cheered and you gurgled with approval. Not satisfied with your new trick, you immediately started to try to army crawl.

You seem unfazed as everything in your first house has been disappearing into boxes, ready to be packed into a truck and moved to your second house. We’re moving, you, me, your Dad, and your 3 fur sisters, all the way across the country to the nation’s capital, Canberra! You’ll always be a Perth girl, your Daddy wouldn’t let it be any other way, but it’s time to start a new adventure. I wonder how you’ll feel as an adult, never knowing your first home. Will it even be still standing? The way the walls are crumbling, I doubt it. I lived in my first home for nearly 18 years, it’s a safe haven, somewhere I feel perfectly comfortable. I hope that I can provide that for you one day, even if it’s not your first. Of course, home is where the heart is, and yours is firmly within mine.

I am beyond happy that this new phase in my life won’t be just as a couple, but as a family, and it’s all because of you, my squirmy worm.

Love, Mumma.


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  1. sukiesoriginal / Jan 10 2014 5:13 pm

    Exciting times! Hope I can get to Canberra for a cuddle fairly soon…

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