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January 4, 2014 / Zoe

Baby’s First Christmas

Suddenly I blink and it’s January 4th and Christmas feels like a distant memory. June’s first Christmas meant more to me than I expected it to. I kept bursting into tears at the sheer perfectness of it all, every Christmas for as long as I can remember I’ve thought about what it would be like when I have children, and now it’s here. What traditions will our new family build, what will we take from either side of our families? So many possibilities.


I almost love Christmas Eve more than the day itself, I love the excitement and preparation, the baking of mince pies, the last minute sewing, the way Matt shuffles me out of the bedroom so that he can wrap presents, while I sneak into to the spare room to wrap his. We hang the handmade stockings, watch TV shows from my folder of Christmas specials, and I sing and sway to carols all day. We stay up until midnight, opening a present before bed. Not having Matt rush off to work at midnight is a novelty in itself, we all get to snuggle up in our family bed, June gets a million kisses and she dozes off, we tell her that while she dreams Santa will bring her presents.


I wake before Matt and feed June back to sleep. I lay in bed and watch them both sleep. My beautiful daughter, who took so much genetic material from her beautiful father, they are mine and they still amaze me. We wake and open presents; a vintage train set, a giraffe book, a soft stuffed orangutan. Breakfast in bed, fresh summer fruits, fruit toast, fruit mince pies. All so fruity. Time for a family nap and then a quick visit to see June’s Grandad and Aunties.

Matt prepares the Christmas dinner while I lay with June as she snoozes. Spinach pie, a vegan roast, lots and lots of vegetables. Cherry ‘cheese’cake for dessert. The perfect end to a quiet and perfect day.


I love my family and I love Matt’s family, but being a part of this new family is a bliss I never imagined.



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  1. Lauren / Jan 9 2014 4:05 am

    🙂 Sounds absolutely wonderful!

  2. Ctrl+Alt+Mum / Jan 6 2014 10:12 am

    I’m so glad you all got your perfect christmas xx

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