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April 29, 2013 / Zoe

20 Weeks.

Half way there! Eek!

It’s not really half way there though, because for the first two weeks of ‘pregnancy’ you haven’t even ovulated yet, then for two weeks you usually don’t even know anything has happened while the little zygote is busy rolling down a fallopian tube and nestling into a cosy uterine wall. And then, if you’re me, you spend a week pacing around the house knowing full well you’re pregnant but not wanting to take a test because you’ll be really sad and cry if it’s negative, even though you weren’t actually trying to get a zygote to burrow into your uterine wall.

(Flashback – the pregnancy test changed so quickly that I had to wait until I’d finished peeing before I could go and dance around the lounge room with my little plus sign. That’s the advantage of waiting until 21 days past ovulation to test, I suppose!)

So. I’ve only really known for 15 weeks. Which means I’m not even half way there yet, plenty of time!

This week I seem to have acquired a belly. I saw my reflection in the shops today and had a moment of, huh, so there IS something in there. I can also feel the weight of it when I’m trying to sleep, I’ve already found myself a belly pillow to rest my belly on. I also have four pillows to prop myself up so I don’t get heartburn, so I’m a bit of a pillow hog at the moment.

We get to see our little Blob on Thursday for the structural ultrasound. We won’t be peeking between its legs, but hopefully we’ll be seeing a good little heart and all its other bits, and then I’ll have some more pictures to show off!



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  1. sukiesoriginal / Apr 30 2013 5:27 pm

    It was me who announced Alex’s gender – the midwives didn’t bother to look! Half-way – I’m starting to feel elderly… (not really).

  2. Amy (@laundrydayblues) / Apr 29 2013 8:01 pm

    Congrats! Isn’t it exciting!! So are you planning to find out the gender at birth? We did that with 2 of my three pregnancies and I LOVED it. I would have done it with all 5 if my husband could have stood the excitement of it!

    • Zoe / Apr 29 2013 8:15 pm

      Thank you! That’s the plan with the gender, although I keep thinking I might accidentally see something at the ultrasound! I love the idea of it being announced at birth, hopefully it will work out that my partner can tell me!

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