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March 25, 2013 / Zoe

15 Weeks.

Phew. Pregnancy is hard, isn’t it? Why doesn’t anyone warn you? Oh, they do? Well they should have warned me twice. I would have prepared by organising a cabin to live in for 9 months with servants who hold my hair back while I vomit and do the dishes and rub my temples while I rub my belly and think about baby things.

(Also, I totally know all you ladies with babies are laughing at me and saying, JUST YOU WAIT, in 5 months you’ll be a huge immobile grumpy lump and you’ll cherish this time you just felt sick and tired.)

I try not to complain too much (that noise you just heard was Matt spitting his chips) because I know it will be all worth it in the end, and I know other women have it much worse. I also know I’m lucky to even be able to get pregnant so easily (oops!); some women have trouble conceiving, and some women just happen to love other women, and they would do anything to be feeling sick and tired all day because of a little fetus bobbing around in their bellies.

However, this is my blog and I’ll complain if I want to.

I thought the all-day sickness would pass by now. It is bearable, it’s just hard to do anything else when feeling so sick, and my uni work is suffering. Food aversions are worse than I could have imagined, I always thought it would just be like not really wanting to eat something you already didn’t like. NOPE. If I tried to eat something made from beans or tofu I would be sick. Immediately. Which is hard because I’ve gone vegan since I found out I was pregnant, and beans and tofu are an excellent sources of plant-based protein. I’ve been drinking soy milk and eating mock meat, which is made from vegetable protein, to get my baby growing needs. I also have all the supplements I need, and have spoken to a dietician about my diet, so don’t you worry your pretty little head about what goes in my belly, m’kay?

Blobby is now the size of an orange, which freaks me out a little, because how do you think you’re going to get out of there, Blobby? You’re the size of an orange and you have 25 weeks to go. You’d best be formulating an exit plan which doesn’t involve my lady bits exploding, or my stomach being sliced and diced to get you out.

In other news, I’m seriously considering becoming a marsupial. Who’s with me?



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  1. Manda / Mar 29 2013 11:24 am

    Sounds like you’re doing great – or at least what is expected. Hang in there! You should be nearing the end of the nausea soon. Being a marsupial is a great idea! With my last kiddo, I even had some pregnancy dreams where I sorta was. I remember holding the baby and then having to put the baby back. The “how to” of the putting baby back is a lost memory though. Kudos to you for making such big dietary changes while pregnant – that’s determination.

    • Zoe / Mar 31 2013 12:04 am

      Thank you! The last couple of days haven’t been too bad, so hopefully it’s passing now. That dream sounds very weird! I hope I get some weird pregnancy dreams I can share.

      I always intended on going vegan when I got pregnant, so the decision wasn’t hard – it’s the following through I’m having trouble with! I’d had a few slips, but mostly it’s going fine. Matt’s been vegan for over 5 years, so it’s important to him that we raise our children as vegans, and I’m happy to make the change as well!

  2. Lesley Anne Wright / Mar 26 2013 10:47 pm

    Don’t worry about the birth Zoe. You’ll get “birth amnesia” just like pretty much every other woman that ever gave birth. It hurts like crazy and you think you’re going to die and then a few weeks/months/years later, you think “It wasn’t that bad” and you do it all again!

  3. waterlilies84 / Mar 25 2013 9:58 pm

    Oy. Yeah pregnancy is hard. But it is sooooo worth that precious little human coming into your life! Oh the stories I could share. But I’ll spare you.

    I think being a marsupial would be awesome!

    Lily-thinking thoughts

    • Zoe / Mar 26 2013 10:56 am

      Oh you’ll have to share some stories with me! And being a marsupial would be perfect, you give birth to a jellybean and then keep it in a pouch. Too easy!

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