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December 26, 2012 / Zoe

Z Is For Zelda.

I started calling Zelda my Zelly Belly a few months ago, and it fits her purrrfectly (oh, the puns), but we also just call her Baby a lot. Which is what we call each other (oh we’re sickening, I know), so it can be a little confusing at times. She is a wide as she is tall, which isn’t very tall at all, but she still looks like a funny furry football at times. She’s actually not ‘overweight,’  but being a petite girl anyway, her love of food means she’s quite a round little thing.


Zelda was our accidental third child. She’s the baby you have after you’ve had your two children, and you’re planning the vasectomy, but oops! There she is, and she’s not going anywhere. She was our foster kitten for several months before we both acknowledged that our house wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t keep her.

zelda 2

I don’t think she knows she’s a cat. She likes the other cats fine, but she thinks that she’s one of us. It could be because she was taken from her mumma far too early, and then into foster care with us, or it could just be because she’s a little bit conceited. Don’t tell her I said that.

zelda 3

The best thing about Zelda is how she lies spread eagle on the floor (as above) and licks her armpits, when she does pirouettes on her hind legs when she knows food is coming, and that she’s small enough to fit on the ample ‘shelf’ on my chest. Maisie, who is substantially taller and heavier than Zelda, does try and sleep there too, just like when she was a baby, but it’s not quite as cosy as when Zelly curls up there.

I am so very grateful that we decided to keep the accidental third child, the house wouldn’t be complete without her.



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  1. sukiesoriginal / Dec 27 2012 5:32 pm

    I’ve got a drawing I did of Zelda two years ago, and her pose was the same as the last photo. It’s evidently her thing!

    • Zoe / Dec 27 2012 6:04 pm

      It sure is! She lays like that every day while we laugh at her.

  2. Circe / Dec 27 2012 8:35 am

    I love it when they lay with their legs straight up in the air, it’s so funny, you wouldn’t think it would be comfortable, but I guess it is.

  3. maru / Dec 27 2012 12:53 am

    Nice! I perfectly understand why you decided to keep her and how she is part of what the family is.
    I live with a black boy, and he is the middle of the three feline boys that currently share our home. We call them ‘the kids’ and I call him in particular ‘my baby’ -sickening you? not at all- because I found him under a bench on the sidewalk and decided to bring him home where we lived with two adult cats. He was a little determined thing and within 24 hours I knew I had to keep him with us. Even when the humans and felines at home did not agree.
    If you want to have a look at him…

    • Zoe / Dec 27 2012 6:03 pm

      Thank you! We call them the children, they are definitely our babies! That’s a lovely story, he’s so lucky you found him and kept him safe.

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