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December 11, 2012 / Zoe

K Is For Kris Kringle.

Otherwise known as Secret Santa. We always called it Kris Kringle in our family, but Matt had never heard of it when I moved here! This is my sixth Christmas in Perth; going home isn’t an option because flights are so expensive at this time of year, but I have come to love our family’s less-than-orthodox approach to Christmas.

At ‘Fake Christmas,’ AKA, Christmas, we have a Kris Kringle. Y’know, just to keep up appearances. Then at ‘Real Christmas,’ AKA, Whenever We’re All In The Same State, we all exchange gifts with everyone, everyone being 2 parents, 5 kids, and however many partners there are. Our rules are always cheap, handmade, or op shopped, and always thoughtful. Last time we celebrated Real Christmas was in March, and the next will possibly be next June or July. This is just within my family, my real Christmas with Matt is at the usual time. Confusing, I know!

This is what my Mum sent out with our Kris Kringle rules. I love it.

kris kringle

Yes, my Mum says ‘rad.’ She is rad, too. I wish everyone would take this attitude for all gift giving occasions. Imagine the money and space in landfill we would save!

Of course I will share what I’ve made for my Kris Kringle recipient after Fake Christmas is over!



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  1. Circe / Dec 13 2012 3:41 am

    this is a great idea, and your mum is really rad 😀

    • Zoe / Dec 13 2012 8:16 pm

      Heehee, isn’t she!? I never truly appreciated the handmade/non-commercialism stuff when I was a kid, but I really do now!

      • Circe / Dec 13 2012 10:26 pm

        It’s such a gift to know that someone cared enough about you to make your something

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