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May 7, 2012 / Zoe

Cats in a sunbeam.

There’s something about cats lazing in a sunbeam which forces me to take photo after photo, trying desperately to capture what I see in real life. Somehow I never quite get it, I never quite capture the pools of liquid gold which take over Daisy’s eyes, or the way the light makes Maisie’s whiskers look a mile long, or how Zelda almost looks brown with stripes of black, instead of the midnight black she usually resembles. But hell if I’m not going to keep on trying!

Maisie wasn’t in the mood for sunbeams on this morning, but please enjoy these gratuitous photos of Zelda and Daisy.

Daisy likes to soak up every minute she can of that glorious sunbeam, until it finally slips away to nothing. Bliss.


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