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April 8, 2012 / Zoe


Do you know the feeling of when you’ve lost contact with a good friend? The longer you don’t reconnect with them, the harder it gets. The more time that passes the more you think that you have to reconnect with something significant, and an appropriate excuse must be found for your absence. As the days flip by the feeling becomes a mere niggle in the back of your head, until you realise that you have not thought about your friend for days. A week even. The guilt in your stomach is easily ignored, and eventually your good, supportive, wonderful friend, is gone.

My blog is my good friend.

So here I am, casually slipping back into conversation with my blog, because I can’t bear to lose her.

How was your Easter? Mine was a little lonely, what with my man-friend working in the desert. But luckily for me, I kind of relish my loneliness. I enjoy my own company.

Matt, being the thoughtful darling he is, hid eggs around the house for me before he left for the desert. I accidentally found one a week ago, so this past week has been fraught with moments of desperately wanting to search for my goodies, but also wanting to save the excitement for today. I’m glad I waited, because this morning I got to feel like a child; searching, and seeking, and peering, into every nook and cranny, until my crocheted basket was filled with eggs, a bunny and a pretty bilby I can’t bear to nibble into just yet.

I ate way too many, as well as freshly baked hot cross buns. It was perfection. A nap was also indulged in, diving in to bed with the creature below could not be resisted! Doesn’t she look simply delicious!

I hope your day was wonderful too. Let’s try to be close friends again, shall we, dear blog?



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  1. Vixie / Apr 9 2012 6:59 am

    Your Easter sounds super, and I just love house-based egg hunts! I think we should totally have an Easter bilby in the UK, or maybe an Easter hedgehog or something, Easter bunnies are so over-rated!

    • caren / Apr 10 2012 7:21 am

      an Easter Hedgehog sounds ever so delightful! perhaps here in Canada, we should have an Easter Beaver? … hmm, on second thought, perhaps not. 😉

      • Vixie / Apr 10 2012 8:00 pm

        it’s quite an idea…!

      • Zoe / Apr 10 2012 9:36 pm

        I love it! The hedgehog that is, an easter beaver might be something else entirely…

  2. Hello! I think your good friend is happy you popped in to say hello – I know I am!
    I was just talking to family yesterday about how Australia has an Easter “insert Australian critter with long ears that isn’t a bunny” – but I couldn’t remember what that critter was called. Bilby!! I will have to call them & tell them I wasn’t making it up. It makes the Easter bunny seem quite mundane, I must say!
    Buttercup says hello – he’s standing next to me, purring as I type. 🙂


  1. Easter Bilby. « A Giraffe in a Scarf

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