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March 13, 2012 / Zoe

Guest Post from Very Zoe – Max Gratitude.

This post is from my good bloggy friend, Zoe! I think we first connected over both being Zoes, but we soon found we had much in common. Zoe writes daily about something she’s grateful for, her posts are always a welcome sight in my google reader, they’re a lovely positive boost to my day! 
Today I am grateful for the opportunity to write a guest post, something I’ve never done before! Hello fellow A Giraffe In A Scarf readers, I’m Zoe, but not the one you’d expect! I’m working on a New Year’s Resolution you might like to hear about, and it’s called Max-Gratitude. It was a resolution inspired by many things, but mostly by my 11year old brother Max and my desire to change the world.
So, my resolution is to blog over at about something that I’m grateful for every single day this year. I want to consciously be grateful for something everyday, and change myself in doing so. But, I also want to change the world through gratitude, so each month I pick a theme and a charity or organisation that works with that theme to make the world a better place. In January the theme was water and I ran a fundraising campaign for Charity:Water so that other people in the world could be grateful for water too.
For February, I’m supporting my brother who is doing a triathlon to raise money for a playground to be built in his community for other kids to use. He and his classmates already have access to a great playground, but they want all the kids in their community to have the opportunity to use an awesome playground too.
Max is an inspiring kid and I’m so proud to have him as a brother. The reason I named the blog after him is that he asked a great question a few years ago when mum explained the concept of gratitude to him. He asked, “Gratitude, does that mean great attitude?” and we assured him that it did.
Please pop on over to Zoe’s blog to see what she’s grateful for today! Today I’m grateful for blog scheduling. I posted this blog post 2 weeks ago so I wouldn’t have to think about it while hanging with my family in the countryside! 

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  1. Flamingo Dancer / Mar 22 2012 5:41 pm

    Hello and I will be popping over!

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