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March 6, 2012 / Zoe

Guest Post from Penny Lane.

This post is bought to you by Penny Lane, who has a couple of lovely blogs! A creative blog called My Creative Silence, a motherhood blog called Being A Mom IS A Job. If you have a moment, please pop by and say hello!


Let the Sparks Fly

Creativity is (as defined by me) being extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary world. Expressing what I feel through creative acts.

Inspiration finds me wherever I go. I randomly pick up treasures from nature to use in one of my many projects. I am currently working on plans for my wedding and as I was strolling my little boy around the farm the other day, inspiration struck in a heap of hanging vines.

Sometimes inspiration strikes in the form of clothes in the $1 pile at a consignment shop. Fabric speaks to me like we’re best friends. Sounds a little fruity maybe to the ordinary mind, but to creative minds, you know what I’m talking about.

I just finished a little project I like to call Meet Juliet. She is my dress form I will be using to make my wedding dress. I have a list of dresses a mile long that I want to make and now I have help from Juliet.

My theory about Creativity:

Be who you are,

do what you do,

even if you only

do it for you…

– Alisha Fincher (a.k.a Penny Lane)


Thanks Alisha! Isn’t the little verse at the end so sweet, and so true!


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