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February 13, 2012 / Zoe

Hypotheticus – Want to play?

So last week I had a guest post from my sister, and this week you get to hear from my little brother. Alex has a lot of ideas in his brain, and sometimes they spill out onto the Internet. He loves evolution, drawing, and making games, so this idea stems from all that. 

I know a lot of crafty/artsy folk read my blog, so I hope this interests some of you, plus it would totally make my little brother’s day! 


Hi! I’m a Hypotheticus and I need your help!

I’m a hypothetical organism who lives in cyberspace, called a Hypotheticus. I need your help so that I can grow and adapt to new places, make a large family and move to new places all over the web. So if you’re looking for a fun little distraction, please lend a hand. How can you do it? Easy!


1.       Copy this post to any suitable place on the web, whether it’s your own personal blog, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Facebook etc.

2.       Copy my picture and edit it a little bit in an image editor of your choice! Change whatever you like about me, to help me adapt to new environments, or to look really cool or cute! But don’t change me so much that I am unrecognizable from my previous form! Oh, and ALWAYS remember to save the image as a .PNG!

3.       Put in the new image to your copy of this post, replacing the old one.

4.       Your new post is sort of like my baby. Give it a new name and change or rewrite its description to better suit it. The description can be as brief and succinct or long and complex as you wish.

5.       Copy the website address you got me from and include it with the description of my baby, and paste my baby’s address in the comments section with me (If the website I’m on has a comments section). We like to keep in touch with our family!

6.       If you followed these steps you just helped me evolve into a lovely new Hypotheticus, thank you!

7.       To see the very first Hypotheticus, visit

Here is the information about myself personally:

Name: Giraffeticus

My picture:


This is a Giraffeticus, which evolved to fit in a A Giraffe In A Scarf. It had also grown some little thingies on its head to sense danger from evil Internet trolls.

My parent: Hypotheticus

So the Giraffeticus was created by me, evolving from the original Hypotheticus. If you would like to play then you can either alter my drawing, or the original one on Alex’s blog to create your own idea. Alex dreams of a chain of evolution through the Internet. And if you make his day, I will love you forever. 


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  1. DandelionSteph / Feb 14 2012 1:27 pm

    Hello dad! (or mom; I’m not sure. We don’t have genders, do we?) My name’s Wallypaper. You can call me Wally for short.

    • Zoe / Feb 14 2012 7:15 pm

      Thank you! He looks awesome!

  2. eef / Feb 14 2012 12:34 am

    this is fun! i will have to come back and do this when i have a minute!

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