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February 7, 2012 / Zoe

Weezer Cruise – Guest Post From My Sister.

Last month my super awesome sister was lucky enough to fly to the US and join Weezer and a bunch of other bands while they sailed across the sea. I’ve never even been out of Australia, and it was her first international trip, so I asked her to write a post and show me how fabulous it was. Please be nice and say thank you to Lucie! 



I love flying on clear days over land, trying to capture the fine texture of the mountains, the shadows of the clouds, and patchwork fields. I was lucky enough to fly across the USA, with clear weather from LA to Houston. The most amazing thing on this flight was the desert combined with snowy mountain peaks. We don’t have that in Australia.

Glorious Day

I have an east facing window in my second story bedroom, and I leave the blind open at night. I see a lot of sunrises. I love to watch the sunrise, it reminds me that the world is turning, and the day feels full of possibilities when you watch it begin. So on my first morning in Miami I got up early, because I knew I was in for a sight I’d never seen; the sunrise over the Atlantic (or the Straits of Florida, if you want to be technical). It was a particularly breathtaking sunrise, with the sun rising spectacularly through successive banks of cloud. I was at Lummus Park Beach.


I was sitting in Bayfront Park, Miami, writing about my day so far. Went to the Ichimura Miami-Japan Garden, Miami Botanic Garden, Jungle Island Zoo and on the Miami metromover, when – Squirrel! I was so excited to see my first squirrel; I dropped what I was doing and went over near the squirrel. I took photos of it sitting in a palm tree – which doesn’t seem like where a squirrel should be. It soon came down from the tree and came quite close to me, on the rocks by the ocean – which seems even less like where a squirrel should be.

Across the Sea

I am a very down to earth person, so I was kind of out of my element on a cruise ship sailing across the sea. But I was fascinated to watch the interplay of light, air and water. The way the waves rise up and the wind sprays the water off the top, creating the white peaks. The way the sun makes rainbows in the spray if you catch it at the right angle. The way the clouds reflect on the water. The way the clouds shadow the path of the sun on the water.

Island in the Sun

Cozumel Island is like paradise. I suppose most tropical islands are. It is a flat little island, covered with jungle and an abundance of wildlife, and surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. I visited the ruins of a Maya temple to the Goddess Ixchel, the most ancient structures I’ve ever seen. By about 1000 years. The tour guide talked a lot about the Maya calendar and the end of the world. Apparently, we’re going to be okay. I have that on the authority of a May descendent. The most exciting thing for me were the Cozumel Emerald Hummingbirds, they were delightful, and some super cute raccoons. The beach was beautiful, and I saw a lot of different fish without even going in the water.


I enjoyed the opportunity to visit the unique environment of the everglades. It’s pretty damp there. There are a lot of alligators. I had a chat with a vulture and some alligators about life at the top of the food chain. We agreed that we like that we aren’t likely to be eaten, and also that the everglades are quite damp.


The reason for my trip was, of course, as a unique opportunity to see Weezer. They played as the boat left the port in Miami, playing some of their biggest hits, followed by the Blue Album in its entirety. It was a great fun show. At their other show, in the indoor theatre, Weezer played some rare songs and Pinkerton in its entirety. It was amazing to hear all the songs off the early albums. When a band releases eight albums before you see them live, you don’t expect to hear the early songs. To hear them all is fantastic, though I hope to see them again to hear more of their recent songs! It was cool to listen to the songs in order, especially Pinkerton because of the way the songs all together tell a story. However, it does rather take away the element of surprise; of ‘what song will they play next?’

Of the other bands on board, I loved Dinosaur Jr., J. Mascis and Sebadoh, and Lou Barlow is my new favourite person. The artists were very generous with their time, especially our hosts Weezer, who spent four hours posing for photos with EVERY SINGLE GUEST. In that time, they would have posed for more photos than I have in my whole life, by a long way. Thanks to Weezer for the amazing Weezer Cruise (Also Sixthman, the organisers, and Carnival Cruiselines).

And my favourite part of cruising? Towel Creations! A nice surprise every night, and I was like, how do they make them? Then I bought a book on how to make them.

Please say thanks to Lucie for putting together this post for me/you!



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  1. Lucie / Feb 12 2012 2:46 pm

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments 🙂
    It was an amazing experience, thanks to my sister for encouraging me to share it with you!

  2. Annika / Feb 10 2012 7:44 pm

    This is so cool! The Barenaked Ladies used to do a cruise as well, and my husband and I always wanted to go!

  3. Jodie / Feb 9 2012 11:41 pm

    ahhh THANKYOU to your sister for sharing that! yay I’m so glad you blogged it! how awesome, and how lucky is she! I am jealous beyond words, but also excited at how awesome it sounded, and how lovely they seemed.
    what a great trip!

  4. Lesley Wright / Feb 8 2012 11:31 pm

    I want a towel shaped into an elephant too! Maaa Maaa Get me one NOW!

  5. Blytheponytailparades / Feb 8 2012 9:53 pm

    Gorgeous view of the clouds and sun! AWESOME!

  6. Ieva / Feb 8 2012 1:21 pm

    Love the photos!! Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. lilly / Feb 8 2012 12:15 pm

    what a lucky, lucky girl!! Seems like a blast! and cute photos 🙂


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