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January 20, 2012 / Zoe

Feline Friday – Real Men Love Cats.

This week I’m taking my inspiration from a post I saw yesterday on Epheriell Designs, which featured a sweatshirt from an Esty store which sells Real Men Love Cats shirts, as well as other screen printed designs.

Men loving and living with cats is becoming more and more common and acceptable in our society, but what really gets me is why it wasn’t in the first place. Where did the cats=girls, dogs=boys idea come from, and why? In my research today I found a quote on a website called AskMen which said, ‘…some pets are clearly more (or less) manly than others, mainly cats. There’s no two ways about it: Cats are just plain girlie.‘ Really though? Cats are strong and independent creatures, the same as we’re told men should be.

{Matt and Mitzi}

I’m extremely conscious of the gender stereotypes portrayed to us through TV and advertising, and beyond the idiotic blue for boys, pink for girls idea, and it seems that the media tells us that men should be the head of the house, they should be in charge, so perhaps some men are intimidated by a creature they can’t control? Being below a cat in the house pecking order goes against what a man has had ingrained in his mind by a socitey which tells us men are strong and tough, and women are weak and emotional. But with this generation being more focused than ever on gender equality and abolishing gender roles men are free to embrace the kitty in their life, without the fear of the ‘gay’ or girlie stereotype.

{Kurt Cobain loved cats – need I say more?}

In fact, for a lot of women, a cat-loving man is a real catch! It says something about the type of man he is, and the type of partner he would be. A quote that I found in several places was;  ‘Only intelligent, aware, caring men love cats,’ and while I would probably change that to: Only intelligent, aware, caring people love animals, the sentiment is still there. Cats are incredibly perceptive and intelligent animals; if a man loves cats it implies that a cat loves or has loved the man. For a cat to bestow their love and affection upon any person suggests that he or she is a caring and gentle person, which are pretty important qualities when looking for a partner in life.

{Matt and baby Zelda}

I’m incredibly lucky to have a man in my life who respects and loves all animals more than anyone I’ve known, and that includes cats. Maisie was the first cat in Matt’s life and it didn’t take long before he was hooked. The first cat-loving man in my life was my Grandad, so I suppose a grown man loving cats was never an usual thing for me. My Dad isn’t openly a huge fan of cats, but he’s always respected our own, as you can see from the (slightly blurry) photo below (that’s Morgen on his lap), and he was quite upset when their cat Coalie passed away last year.

If you’re after more men and cats check out Cute Boys With Cats. It’s adorable.

{Matt and Oliver}

Is there a cat-loving man in your life? Or are you a man who loves a snuggle with a kitty?



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  1. T.K. Hull / Feb 7 2013 1:56 pm

    Well Ive been a cat lover for years myself and enjoy the comfort they bring to me as i sit and pet them. couldn’t see myself without a cat in my life. my first cat was when i was six years old and have had cats since. and still remember every cat that i have had and loved. have had some that have touched my heart deeply and them i miss the most. i hope i die with a cat in my arms

  2. Jodie / Jan 22 2012 3:03 pm

    I love guys who love cats. haha that shirt is awesome.
    I guess you can tell alot about a person (or guy in this instance) by the size of their heart, and how open it is to animals…if they like cats they are keepers for sure.
    same goes for girls too.

    “Kurt Cobain loved cats – need I say more?” Of course he loved cats, that guy was the most amazing ever! 😉

  3. Lily / Jan 20 2012 10:31 pm

    Something came to me after our twitter convo last night. Cats play but play differently than dogs. Cats are all about chasing the wiggly thing, dogs are rough and tumble. Playing with a dog is more physical than playing with a cat. Maybe, just maybe that is the reason for the gender thing?

    Now having said that, let me add that I think real men love animals, especially cats! Real men aren’t threatened by cats aloofness, strength, independence or their love, purrs, and brushing up against them (men).

    Like I said last night, every manly man I know loves and even owns cats.

    BTW that is a great picture of Matt and Zelda!

  4. Rachel / Jan 20 2012 10:25 pm

    My husband is also a big cat lover, since we got our 2. He’s so sweet & soft with them! Although he doesn’t really like to shout about it too much: my mum got him a T-shirt for Christmas 2010 that said “The Mogfather”… he hasn’t worn it yet…
    My brother is living with us at the moment and he is getting a bit besotted with one of our cats in particular, really soppy and she adores him too. Gotta love a man who loves a cat!

  5. Juani (@juaniWC) / Jan 20 2012 9:07 pm

    My fiancé loves our cats *almost* more than I do 😉 He is like a proud papa whenever we are around people,spending ages telling them about our cats and how awesome they are.He gets so upset when one of the cats doesn’t seem to give him enough attention,and even though he tries to be strict with them,he always ends up being a softie who loves cuddling with the cats on the couch in front of the telly.

    I love my catloving man,and hope that my future kids will also be catloving people.

  6. Annika / Jan 20 2012 8:56 pm

    Ha-ha! Excellent! I got my husband exactly that t-shirt for Christmas! He used to be a dog person. Than he met me. We have two cats now. Nuff said! :o) Have a lovely weekend, you!

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