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January 3, 2012 / Zoe

More presents!

Can you believe that Christmas was only a week and a half ago!? I sure can’t, sitting on that porch looking at the beautiful bushland feels like a lifetime ago.

So you already saw the most fabulous camera Matt gave me, but I did get a few other bits and pieces from fabulous people.

Mum gave me a beautifully embroidered note book. It’s great because it’s just a cover, so I don’t have to feel scared to write in it because I can replace the book inside! My little brother gave me a solar powered frog light, quite random, but that’s him. It was meant to be a cat but he bought me the wrong one, so he bought me that cat mug to make up for it. (I have 3 cat mugs now, I think that makes an official collection!) Matt also gave me a little picnic basket which I’m using for wool and crochet things, I’ll show what I’ve been crocheting soon! Matt’s Mum got me the okapi! I told her a few years ago that I wanted to start collecting them and she keeps finding them for me! They’re my favourite animal, giraffes are my second, but they have a much higher profile than the poor okapi! Matt also found me a Salman Rushdie book which I haven’t already read, no easy feat, let me tell you! It’s second-hand, which makes me happy. I also got a gorgeous green tea-pot from Matt’s step-dad, but it was already dirty in the sink when we took these photos, oops!

My sister bought be a DIY calendar, which I love! We’ve had one before, but we were scared to draw in it! I have a fear of wasting things, or making mistakes, hence the multiple note books which I’ll never write in! But I’m determined to be different this year, I’ll be drawing all kinds of silly things on the calendar!

This might be my favourite gift, other than the camera. Mum found it in an op-shop and was going to cut it up for a cushion cover when she realised that she couldn’t possibly do that, because that’s us! Just add some brown eyes on the girl, and paint the cat grey, and it’s our little family. I’m going to attach some dowel to the top and hang it on the wall, so I’ll get a nicer photo after I do that. It makes me squee a little whenever I look at it!

And fabric! Of course! Would you check out the stash I ended up with? I just want to cut it up into strips and bathe in it. Not really, that would be a waste. Matt bought me about half that (a boy who buys me fabric!? Don’t mind me while I swoon off my chair!) and the rest I bought at a Spotlight sale with a giftcard I received. Some people might think it’s boring to ask for craft supplies for gifts, but I love fabric so much! It makes me happy, and you can’t possibly receive a better gift than something that makes you happy.



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  1. Circe / Jan 6 2012 12:09 pm

    you always get the best fabrics. Hey are you doing the craft exchange again? I totally splurged on some fabulous finds, and I’m ready to start sewing again 😀

    • Zoe / Jan 7 2012 6:56 am

      I’ve been going back and forth on whether to do it again or not, I had SO many people just never reply to any emails and not send anything last time, me, my Mum and a friend didn’t receive anything, and I know a lot of others didn’t either! But I think I will do it again, and just send out a lot more reminder emails!

  2. Max-Gratitude / Jan 3 2012 9:41 pm

    Everything is adorable!! I especially love the okapi (I promise if I ever go to the Congo, I’ll try and find a real one so I can send you a picture!) and the pile of fabric 🙂

    xx Zoe M

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