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December 7, 2011 / Zoe

A Day Out

My lovely man-friend Matt decided that he would take me for a day out this week. We don’t get to go out very often, on account of being really broke and Matt working in the desert for weeks at a time. So I was determined for the whole day to be rainbows and sunshine, but the weatherman disagreed and the whole day was rain and thunder and lightning, which luckily we loved even more! There’s something delightful about sipping coffee or browsing an op-shop while thunder is crashing and rolling through the sky.

The day didn’t start well, what with me slipping in beans, which were spilled across the sidewalk. Yes, that’s right, beans. It hurt so much I thought I’d ripped my toenail off, but for all the pain all I got was a little cut on my toe. And it still hurts! Damn beans!

We then limped to our favourite cafe. Since we don’t eat out much we always go to places we know will deliver. Our regular place is vegan and gluten-free friendly, and also delicious! I had my usual spinach and feta scramble, and Matt had a huge pile of tempeh and mushrooms. Yum!

Matt sure knows how to please me, because after breakfast he took me a great bookstore and told me I could choose any book I wanted! Be still, my beating heart! I chose Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I recently (finally) finished War and Peace and it was wonderful and when I’m buying books I like to choose something which I haven’t read and which I’m sure to enjoy, so something by an author who I already love is usually the way to go.

No day out is complete without op-shops (aka thrift store), so after the bookstore we went to all our favourites. I was mostly looking for Christmas gifts, our family has a policy of ‘cheap-as-possible’ when it comes to Christmas, so op-shops or handmade are the way to go! We also celebrate Christmas twice, there’s fake Christmas in December, and real Christmas whenever all the family is in the same place! I have 4 siblings, so it can be hard to co-ordinate. I haven’t actually celebrated Christmas since July 2010, and won’t again until March next year! But since the rest of world seems to think that Christmas is in December we give a little something at that time of year as well. I found great presents for 6 people for about $25, which is why I love op-shops!

Of course I couldn’t just buy for other people! Who could go into an op-shop and not come home with a few little somethings! I found a big enamel saucepan, which I love. It’s so pretty and flowery, and I love cooking with (and cleaning!) enamel. And I found a little sugar pot, it’s green and cute so it’s perfect for me.

Matt took these photos because I was tired and too lazy to do it myself. (Did I mention he’s the perfect man?)

I also found the most wonderful sewing machine I’ve ever seen…

If I had a spare $150 I would have scooped that baby up and ran! I can’t believe how much I wanted to take her home, she’s just beautiful. That shade of green is the colour I want my entire house to be!

This sign made us giggle.

We also decided not to buy a small baby. We have 3 cats, and there’s not really space for a small baby right now, even if they are only 50 cents.



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  1. eef / Dec 7 2011 8:29 pm

    lol but that’s such a good deal on babies! you could get 3!

    sounds like an awesome day, but why were there beans to slip on?!

    i want to go thrifting, but am really really broke right now and i always buy more than i go in for at those places!

    • Matt / Dec 7 2011 11:06 pm

      the reason for the beans will forever remain a mystery. at first i thought they were kidney beans, but they might have been pinto beans.

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