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December 2, 2011 / Zoe

Hip to be square.

My first granny square (featuring Matt’s fingers)! Hurrah!

I feel a little bit proud that it took me less than a week to go from an awkward chain stitch to circles and granny squares!

I thought about not showing this granny square, with its less-than-perfect corners and messy stitches, but I thought I should be honest, because I know there’s lots of disheartened crafters out there who give up when their first attempt isn’t perfect. Don’t give up! Your next attempt will be better, and you will continue to improve with every stitch!

So how many more squares do I need to make before I have my blanket?


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  1. yay for your first granny square!
    this calls for cake!
    I love all these crochet posts; you are my inspiration to take up my hooks & get at ‘er!

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