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November 1, 2011 / Zoe

Etsy Birthday

Well hello there Internet. Did you miss me? I haven’t missed you. No offence. But sometimes I find you stuffy and boring, especially at this time of the year when every second post is about pumpkins…

I’ve never been one for pumpkins.

Or celebrating decidedly American holidays. Canadian too? I’m not sure on that one.


One year ago today I listed my carefully stitched brooches on a little site called Etsy. Then I naively waited for the praise. And waited… Finally I sold a brooch or two. Then I switched to sewing some things. Sewing pouches brings me peace.

About a month ago I had a few thoughts about birthday celebrations.

A blog party! Giveaway! Excitement! Balloons! But lately I’ve just been too tired. Too apathetic.

Apathy is currently my closest friend.

Anyway (take two). 

I’ve stopped rambling now, pay attention!

What can you do to celebrate an Etsy milestone on a moments notice with minimal effort!

Why, a SALE of course!


Enter Etsy code: FIRSTBIRTHDAY to receive 20% OFF all the goodies in my store for the next week (or three).

Brooches! Pouches! A tote bag or two! All made with my loving hands.

Go nuts, my lovelies.

(Apathy, be gone!)


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  1. eef / Nov 1 2011 8:57 pm

    happy etsy birthday! i’d buy something, but being unemployed sucks. =[

    hey, did you get a letter from me? i KNOW i wrote you one, but can’t remember if i ever sent it or if i lost it somewhere…

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