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October 5, 2011 / Zoe

Baa baa, black (or white) sheep.

They have lots and lots of wool!

I love sheep. I think they might be my favourite farm animal. I had a pet sheep named Wally who died earlier this year, and I know I said yesterday that I want a pet pig, but in all seriousness, I will have pet sheep again. And they will have their tails! Lambs are the most fabulous things in the world, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a lamb springbok its way across a field, then you’re missing out on so much cuteness. And when they suckle their Mummas and their tails wiggle in the air? Oh my gosh, I die.

They also love a good head rub. I had such a lovely time meandering through the sheep pavilion at the show and giving a good scratch to any sheep who wished. They enjoy a scratch behind the ear just as much as any cat, but for some reason they miss out on the love. I looked into their beautiful eyes and told them they were as special as any other animals, and I think they appreciated it.

The first two photos were taken by Matt on his Canon EOS-500 film camera, and the last two were taken by me on the Holga 135BC.


And just quietly, I have a giveaway going on over HERE. Yonder is celebrating its first birthday, and I’m helping to celebrate!


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