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September 13, 2011 / Zoe

Maisie the Wonder Cat

Well we already knew Maisie was a Wonder Cat.

Need to catch up on her wondrousness?

Long version: here, here and here.

Short version: Maisie was very stubborn and didn’t tell us she was dying of diabetes until her weight suddenly dropped. Her blood glucose was so high that any human would be dead. (Over 22 for those of you playing at home.) She also had ketoacidosis, which means her blood was acidic and she was dying. After several days in hospital she survived and came home on a huge dose of insulin.

Fast forward 6 months to now.

Maisie was very stubborn and didn’t tell us that she didn’t have diabetes any more and her blood glucose was dangerously low because she didn’t need insulin any more. (!!!)

We took her in for a regular check-up last week and she ended up staying for 2 days and coming home healed!? I haven’t been able to write about it yet because I’m still in shock and I’m sure that at any moment she’ll suddenly drop 2kg and start dying again. Last week she weighed 5.6kg. When she went in 6 months ago she weighed 2.8kg. She’s doubled in size, and is now a big muscley healthy girl. She will be on fancy (read: expensive) food and a strict eating schedule for life, but I can live with that. I can definitely live with that!

It’s not for sure yet. She needs to be checked again in a few weeks, and she may still have to be on a very low dose of insulin, but the vet is very confident that her diabetes has gone into remission. It’s rare, but not usual for cats to go into remission. How though? I don’t know! All I know is that she is one wonderful cat!

And to steal a line from my sister, I’m thrilled that from now on *touch wood* the only needles in this house will be sewing needles!




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  1. Lindsay (The craftafarian) / Sep 13 2011 9:56 pm

    Did you guys use Lantus (glargine) insulin on her? We have had amazing results in getting kitties into remission from diabetes with that insulin. AWESOME! congrats to you and the maizie face.

    • matt / Sep 14 2011 7:18 pm

      She came home on caninsulin, but got switched to glargine after a month or two because the vet said it’s better for cats.

  2. Annika / Sep 13 2011 5:56 pm

    A magic self-healing cat! You’re going through a lot with your felines, aren’t you!? You’re a very good cat mother! Glad to hear Maisie is no longer diabetic.

  3. Ieva / Sep 13 2011 10:03 am

    That is wonderful news. Good for Maisie.

  4. caren / Sep 13 2011 5:30 am

    doing the happy cat dance right now! (imagine an awkward kitty paw motion & a little shimmy)
    so happy for Maisie and the rest of your little family! you have very resilient lil fur babies. xox!

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