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July 15, 2011 / Zoe

In The Last Two Weeks…

It seems that all I can muster is a bullet point blog.

In the last two weeks I –

  • Have been sleeping too much. But that’s ok, sleep is nice and sometimes we need to sleep 14 hours a day… right?
  • Have been sewing even more patchworky pouches than my last lot of patchwork pouches. I really like them, I should take some photos.
  • Finished all my Pay It Forward and Craft Swap gifts. Phew!
  • Had a dream that I was smoking a cigar and when I woke up I could taste it for so long. It was completely foul.
  • Went for a walk every. single. day. A big deal for little ol’ agoraphobic me!
  • Had many many cat snuggles.
  • Had many cups of tea.
  • Sent off a custom order to a bloggy friend. I forgot to take photos, but luckily she blogged about it, so you can see it here!
  • Didn’t sell any of my new pouches. *cough cough*
  • Joined google+. It’s weird and confusing and you should join me there. Email me if you want an invite!
  • Made a vegemite and cheese pizza. It was delicious! It was just like vegemite and cheese on toast, except it took half an hour to make, and required kneading. The extra effort make it extra tasty!
  • Went to the library. They have fancy new self check-outs now, not sure why, it’s not like there’s ever a line. Damn robots, they’re taking over and spying on what I’m reading.
Matt came home this morning. He’s home for two weeks and then he’s off again. I plan to get many cuddles and home cooked dinners from him, as well as the odd op shop trip to my favourite places that are too far away for me to get to alone.


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  1. Emily Orpin / Jul 16 2011 8:43 pm

    A vegemite and cheese pizza?!!! I would never, ever have thought of that but now I can’t get the idea out of my mind! Did it have butter on it also, or is that going waaaay too far? I could imagine it being all crunchy and cheesy and salt and delicious!

  2. Lily / Jul 15 2011 11:07 pm

    And I LOVE, LOVE the custom order you made for me! I am so excited to get to use it but probably won’t be able to till school starts! My pictures do not show it off to its best look because it is really adorable. And did I mention that I love it?

    BTW I will be ordering ssome of your very cute pouches, just gotta fit them in the budget. (I hate budgets, I need to be independently wealthy…George Soros seems to like to give away his billions maybe I can convince him to help me out!! Hahaha) (Sorry for the slightly political side note=> )

    I am so glad you are on G+! It is slowly growing which is good. I’m excited by all that it has to offer. If you need any hints I’ve got some articles I can share with you.

    • Zoe / Jul 16 2011 9:48 am

      Ack, I just wrote out a reply and I think wordpress ate it!

      I’m so glad you love the bag, I think I’m going to make something similar, but smaller, for myself! I would also like to be wealthy, I have no idea who George Soros is, but do you think he could help me out too? Ha!

  3. Vic / Jul 15 2011 4:50 pm

    Bullet points are sexy. Just sayin.

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