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June 13, 2011 / Zoe

Giveaway Prize #17 – Inky Fingers!

** Read Daisy’s Story HERE, and read more about the Raising For Daisy Mega Giveaway I’m running to help pay for her vet bills HERE. **

This giveaway prize is a little bit different from the ones I’ve posted so far, and I’m really excited about it because I would love something like this of my kitties! Inky Fingers does original artworks of your family, friends or yes, your pets! And unlike some of the custom artwork I’ve seen on Etsy, they are really good! This is a new shop, so go and give them a heart and keep them in mind for really special gifts in the future.

You could win an A5 original artwork of the image of your choice.

The prize is an A5 sized (148 x 210mm) portrait, hand-drawn in india ink and graphite pencil on 220gsm acid free paper. Can be an individual or group image, or even a pet!

You will need to provide a clear – preferably high resolution – photo of the subject/s.

While the work is based on the photo please note that it is 100% hand-drawn with no digital assistance.

To win this prize all you have to do is donate at least $5 on the Raising For Daisy Chipin page. No need to comment (but it’d be nice if you did!), just donate and you’re in the running for this, and all other prizes. ($5 is one entry, $10 is two, and so on.)

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