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June 9, 2011 / Zoe

Giveaway Prize #9 – My Girl Thursday.

** Read Daisy’s Story HERE, and read more about the Raising For Daisy Mega Giveaway I’m running to help pay for her vet bills HERE. **

I’m really excited to show you this prize, because it’s a big one! Before I get into how much I love Chantilly, from My Girl Thursday, I’ll just say one thing – $100 shop credit! Amazing, right?

I’ve never told Chantilly this, mostly because I know it would inflate her ego, but My Girl Thursday is the blog that inspired me to start my blog. Before that I’d only discovered parenting blogs. I stumbled upon My Girl Thursday and realised there was so much more to blogging than writing about your children. Chantilly wrote about crafting, thrifting, baking, her adorable cat Adelaide, and her pregnancy and subsequent gorgeous daughter George. I was hooked, and I soon started my own blog and was reading dozens of others. It took me a little while to talk to her though, sometimes talking to bloggers you admire so much can be intimidating. I’m so glad I did though because I discovered that she was even more wonderful than I knew. And now she regularly makes me laugh via twitter.

The My Girl Thursday etsy store has gone through a few transformations. From resin belt buckles to aprons to tote bags, it has now found its way to vintage clothing. Chantilly has a serious thifting habit, so you know she’s scoped out the best places and is passing the goods on to you.

This prize of $100 shop credit will give you the choice of anything in her store! The only condition is you spend within 3 months of winning.

Here’s a few of my favourite things, I absolutely love this first red dress and seriously wish I could pull something like this off.

 Chantilly recently reached 1000 blog followers, which is an amazing achievement and well deserved. If you’re quick you can still enter the absolutely epic giveaway she’s holding on her blog. But before you do that, make sure you enter this one!

To win this prize all you have to do is donate at least $5 on the Raising For Daisy Chipin page. No need to comment (but it’d be nice if you did!), just donate and you’re in the running for this, and all other prizes. ($5 is one entry, $10 is two, and so on.)


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  1. kim / Jul 9 2011 2:39 pm

    The dresses are beautiful.

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