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June 7, 2011 / Zoe

“Cautiously Optimistic.”

Cautiously optimistic is how the vet described how he was feeling about Daisy’s recovery when we saw him this morning. And funnily enough, that’s exactly how I’m feeling too. All the signs are really good, she didn’t have a temperature, her lungs sounded perfect, she’s eating a little and not vomiting up her food. She did vomit a little last night, but it was all fluid which is pretty normal after such a surgery. She did that one wonderful poop and she did another very small poop today. I would barely even count it as a poop, but I still congratulated her on it. And most importantly, she’s acting like Daisy.

Our other two cats’ reactions to Daisy’s return have been really interesting. Maisie is clearly the top cat in the house, I think she might even be above me in the hierarchy, and she didn’t even look twice at Daisy. Daisy was really happy to see her, but Maisie was much more interested in what Daisy was having for dinner. Maisie didn’t get a taste though, because of her diabetes she only gets special food. Zelda, however, acted like she’d seen a ghost. She circled poor Daisy and cautiously sniffed her, and today she even hissed at her a couple of times. I imagine it will settle down pretty quickly, but it was very interesting to observe. Like my very own nature documentary.

I finally feel like sewing again. I have been totally avoiding my sewing room because it made me feel a little sick to see that spool of thread. But now that we’re “cautiously optimistic” I think I can get back in the saddle, so to speak. I also need to get some more pouches ready to go, because my Etsy store is looking very bare! Remember, you can get 30% off with coupon code DAISY. I packed up all the orders today and will post them out tomorrow. It’s lucky I love wrapping presents so much.

Not the most flattering photo, but I like it. Very Daisy.


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  1. Becky W / Jun 8 2011 4:53 am

    Aww Daisy! I am so glad she is doing OK right now. Sending even more love and gentle snuggles to her.

  2. Stella Cadente / Jun 7 2011 10:37 pm

    The hissing from the other cat might be due to her smelling funny after the surgery. I suspect it’s from the anesthetic. I had a cat, Pebbles, who nearly died from anesthetic when she got spayed. I adopted her right after that. When I brought home a companion kitten for her, she took to him like her long lost baby. They were inseparable. Then when I brought him home after he got neutered, she began to hiss and go into total psycho mode for 2-3 days. After that, it was like nothing happened. Roll forward a year … another male cat joins the brood and I bring him home after neutering and same thing. Over the years, we added others and you guessed it … same thing, until the very last cat came when Pebbles was very old and she didn’t seem to notice it. By then, she was having trouble smelling her food at all, so I’d have to scent it with fishy stuff.

    But even though the anesthetic wears off quickly but there must be some lingering smell they can pick up that we can’t. I always thought Pebbles associated it with her own negative experience, but maybe the scent, or the sudden change of scent from some animal they knew, scares them.

    PS: Miss Hissypants was a string-eater, too. Fortunately, the three times she ate string, it was yarn or twine sized and we literally pulled it back out of her mouth, and the vet found no problems. But she always had “digestive issues” even before her string-eating incidents.

  3. Lindsay (The Craftafarian) / Jun 7 2011 8:39 pm

    I was so moved by your posts of Daisy ( I love my fur babies more than life itself–check them out on my bloggy 🙂 I am a new follower now, I love your optimism!

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