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June 3, 2011 / Zoe

Daisy II.

Daisy had surgery today. They weren’t sure if she’d even make it through that, but she did. What they found was a mess though, part of her intestine had died because of the piece of thread that had tangled things up. They had to remove part of her intestine, and stitch the two ends together. Her incision goes all the way down her poor little belly.

There’s basically three ways it could go now. She could die tonight or tomorrow, from the shock of such a major surgery. The intestines could not heal together, and we’d have to put her to sleep on Monday. Or everything could be swell, and she’ll come home on Monday, and be absolutely fine in a week or two. I can’t tell you how hard I’m willing the universe to make it the last one.

A close second to the fear that I’m going to lose my sweet middle kitten, is the gut-wrenching guilt I’m feeling for letting her find that thread. I’m so careful with all my threads, because I know that things like this can happen. I left my sewing machine unattended for a couple of hours. I knew that Zelda had gotten into the thread because I found her chewing on it and pulled a length of it out of her mouth, but I had no idea that Daisy had joined in on the thread eating too. I know for sure that’s when it was, because they gave me the thread and it’s black, and I’ve only used black thread once.

I definitely want to create some kind of awareness about the danger of thread and string with cats, because crafty cats ladies are so common in the blogosphere, and it can happen so quickly and easily.

I also want to set up some kind of Etsy Daisy Sale. The financial side of this is barely a concern right now, I just need my kitten to come home. But it will all come down with a thud when we’re handed a bill for several thousands of dollars. If she doesn’t come home it’ll be even harder to handle. I’m not the kind of person who can ask for something for nothing, so I want to set up a raffle of some kind. I haven’t thought about the details yet, but if anyone has any thoughts or ideas please email me about it.

Right now I need to try to process what is happening. I need to eat some food, clear my head and try to get some sleep.

Please keep Daisy in your thoughts.



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  1. jenn / Jun 4 2011 12:51 am

    she’s coming through it!

    my kitty was less than a year old when she swallowed some thread from the top of my dresser, complete with two sewing needles attached. i don’t even know where it came from or why it was there, but they had to cut her entire belly open too. everything turned out just fine; thankfully we got her to the vet before any tangles or pokes happened because we actually saw her eat the needles (stupid, stupid beast).

    luckily now i have a separate room for all things craft-related, as we now have 3 furry creatures around that are quick to grab at anything string-like. it is an important thing to remember, but i agree with lily that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. cats will be cats, and you obviously did the right thing when you noticed a problem!

    you guys will be in my thoughts.

  2. fatcatfromvox / Jun 3 2011 11:57 pm

    Glad she made it hrough surgery, she’s a little fighter – my thoughts go to you, with well-wishes for a speedy recovery for kitteh!

  3. Lily / Jun 3 2011 10:58 pm

    I’ve had arguments when I say this kind of thing, but I say it and I definitely believe in it: I will be praying for precious Daisy. God gave us our animals to bring us joy, He gave Adam dominion over the earth not to abuse but to take care of it. I firmly believe He hears our prayers for our animals. Therefore I will be praying for Daisy.

    Now to you dear lady, please understand that cats are crafty beings and when they want something bad enough they will find a way to get it. They were surely waiting for you to put your guard down, I know mine do! One time you left your guard down, but that does NOT make you a bad mama. It makes you human. And gives you a lesson learned. You do what is best for your babies all the time, so please don’t beat yourself up over this one time. Daisy knows you love her (yes I firmly believe that too).

    Keep us posted? You, your man, your other kitties and Daisy are all in my prayers.

  4. Katie / Jun 3 2011 10:50 pm

    Oh Zoe, I’m so sorry! Thinking of you and keeping all our fingers crossed for sweet little Daisy. I had no idea kitties could eat thread and get so sick – I’ll have to be much more careful.

    Sending much love xox

  5. Circe / Jun 3 2011 8:17 pm

    Fingers Crossed.

  6. eef / Jun 3 2011 7:40 pm

    poor kitty. =[ wishing her and you the best!

  7. Avalon Cat Cartoons / Jun 3 2011 7:28 pm

    Poor Daisy! I really hope she will be fine. I’ll come and visit you again next week to see how she’s doing.

    My thoughts will be with Daisy and you this weekend.

    Kitty kisses.

    ~Vanessa & Avalon


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