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May 14, 2011 / Zoe

A handful of planets.

This will make you feel small. Well it should, anyway. Just a reminder of how tiny you are, just a tiny fleck of insignificance in a universe too huge to fathom.

Those tiny specks are Jupiter, Venus and Mars, and they looked much more impressive than they do in these photos. Mercury was hanging around somewhere, but I think the light of the city made it impossible to see. (Oh, to live in the countryside!) It was pretty cool to see, and really did make me feel tiny. It hasn’t happened in Australia since 1910, and won’t again until 2056. I like to think of Matt and I, in our 70’s, staying up to see it again, and reminiscing about our youth.

In order to see this one or twice in a lifetime event I stayed up all night and tagged along with Matt while he delivered papers. I used to help one or twice a week, but I’ve found sleeping at night really helps my mood. Go figure, right? I sit in the passenger seat of the van and pull papers from the back, onto my lap, and pass them to Matt, who chucks them out the window with a surprising amount of accuracy. I bought my camera, but needing two hands to do my ‘job’ made it hard to juggle a camera. I got a couple of photos I’m happy with though. It’s strange to drive these usually busy streets at 3AM, with houses and houses of sleeping people quietly slipping by.

Did you notice new things are appearing in my Etsy store? Well they are, and my 35% off sale starts tomorrow morning! I will reveal the code you need to use then!



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  1. Katie / May 15 2011 10:26 am

    I wish I’d known about this – I would have tried to stay awake to see it! And I know what you mean about being awake at 3am. I wouldn’t like to have to be awake at that time regularly but it’s strange and really quite nice when it’s just an occasional thing…

  2. caren / May 15 2011 7:42 am

    Love seeing your planetary alignment & late night Perth shots! I love seeing a town at 3am in the morning. There’s something sleepy and yet vibrant about those wee hours of the morn!
    p.s. LOVE your zippered pouches! sweeeet!

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