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May 9, 2011 / Zoe

Etsy Updates.

The start of this month marked 6 months since I opened my Etsy store. So far, I’m averaging 1 sale every 2 months… Not exactly what I envisioned, especially considering that this is what I want to do. I know that my products are good, but I also know that Etsy is a HUGE market place and I haven’t been marketing myself as effectively as I could, and should, be. My photos aren’t great, and I haven’t added new stock since January. So the only person I can hold responsible for my lack of sales is me.

This isn’t a ‘woe is me’ post, though, this is about what I’m going to do next! I’ve been sewing a lot of new things, and I feel revitalised and excited about what I’ve been making. Here’s some sneak previews, the stock will be trickling in this week, and this weekend I’ll be offering a discount of 35%!

**All photos taken by my darling in-house photographer**

I hope you think they’re as pretty as I do!



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  1. tegan carter / May 14 2011 8:17 am

    Hi Zoe, How are you, Matt and your many kittens going? I see your missing home as in Moyston. You’ve been working hard sewing together a lot of gorgeous little things. They’re sewn together so neatly and i love the fabrics (i spend hours doing the mixing and matching thing as well) but it pays off. The thank-you to your mum is sweet (the cutting a banana against your thumb one made me laugh, but i’m considering thanking mum for teaching me) and it would make nana so happy to know her knitting lessons were appreciated. All the best with the Etsy store (the cupcake brooch you gave me may even appear on my blog). Tegan

  2. Katie / May 9 2011 7:18 pm

    You go, girl! 🙂 Great pictures!

  3. eef / May 9 2011 7:03 pm

    those pouches look great!

    oh yeah… i think I might be averaging 1 sale a month now… which is an improvement over what I was doing for sure! really not sure on how better to market myself, but if i figure it out, i’ll clue you in so we can both be full-time crafters. =]

  4. Thalia / May 9 2011 9:10 am

    Eeeep!! Can’t wait!!

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