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April 10, 2011 / Zoe


On Friday morning I got a surprise. A wonderful surprise, and holy moley, was I surprised! I’d just gotten home from a walk, so I was sitting on the couch sweating, as I do, when someone started banging on the door. I figured it was the postman. I didn’t want to talk to the postman, so I didn’t move. The person kept banging, and then called out, ‘It’s just me!’ But… the only person who could be ‘just me’ was hundreds of kilometres away! But he wasn’t. He was at the door wondering why I wouldn’t let him inside. I was very confused and maybe I cried a little. The boy is home for good, he was sent home a week early because they didn’t need him, and he didn’t tell me because he likes scaring me.

I couldn’t tell the internet until today, because not content with just scaring the crap out of me, he wanted to do the same to his Mum. So today we drove to his Mum’s house and scared her too. It was fun and nice and Matt’s Mum bought us lots of fruit and vegies.

Here’s some photos from Matt’s flickr, which he took while he was at the mines. He was in the desert in the middle of Western Australia, about 1000km from Perth. I just want to clarify, Matt is not a miner, he’s a philosopher, he just did a couple of stints at the mines because they needed people and his friend works there, and because they give you a lot of money. Unfortunately, now the vet has all the money he made. But we still have Maisie, so it’s a fair trade if you ask us.

In some spots the desert was still flooded from the rain they had weeks ago.

And other places were more deserty.

This is an old mine shaft, Matt didn’t climb down there.

He also had nothing to do with these pits, these are old open cut mines. I think mostly he stayed at camp and looked a samples other people bought in. It sounded very boring, and he’s happy he’s home. And I am too.

And Maisie is too. Not as happy as Zelda though, her and Matt should get married or something. So much kitty love.

I have a lot of cuteness to show you tomorrow. The cuteness is sleeping in the bathroom in a pile of cuteness and I’ll take photos of the cute in the morning.



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  1. Lauren / Apr 20 2011 7:29 am

    Yay, wonderful surprise! Very interesting pictures.

  2. MaryAnn / Apr 11 2011 10:22 pm

    Yay – I’m glad he got home early!
    His pics are just beautiful. Australia is such a different world from midwestern America 🙂

  3. Edith / Apr 11 2011 9:18 am

    yay for you!! you just put a smile on my face (again). You make me want to make a blog of my own – except myn wouldn’t be as good 😦 Glad your boy is home!

    I eagerly await your photo of cute!

  4. fatcatfromvox / Apr 11 2011 4:29 am

    (love the monitor lizard shot!)

  5. Lily / Apr 11 2011 2:49 am

    What a fabulous surprise! Even if he did scare you at first, he can be forgiven, which I’m sure you did! I love the pictures. I cannot believe the desert still had standing water.

    I’m happy for you that your man is home and that you have the money to pay for your sweet Maisie. My Siamese is that way with my husband. She didn’t used to be, but now she has become a people kitty, especially a “Bill kitty.” She would much rather snuggle up to him than me. =>

  6. ironyonhighheels / Apr 10 2011 10:39 pm

    Those are really interesting pictures. I love the desert. It’s so different to what I am used to.
    Congrats on having the boy back for good! 😉

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