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March 30, 2011 / Zoe

Giraffes on a shelf.

The lovely Caren at Tea and Chickadees showed off her bird shelf the other day, and when I mentioned my giraffe shelf she asked to see it. So here it is. (Sorry for the not great photos… not much light.) It’s the shelf above the telly, and it’s nicer to look at than most of what’s on TV these days.

On the left there’s a little guinea pig, a tiny vase that belonged to my Great Grandma Boyer, a little wooden house I got from an Op shop for $5, a cross stitch I did and have been meaning to list on etsy, a flash card from Caren, a scarf  and beanie waiting for winter from Zoe at VeryZoe (I love that we have the same name, but I’d love her regardless), a stone giraffe a friend got me in Africa, and an okapi I got for Christmas. You can also see our small film camera collection on top.

On the right? A giraffe, a giraffe, a giraffe and more giraffes. I try to collect odd looking giraffes, regular ones are too easy. I have another brightly coloured one, it’s about 50cm tall and doesn’t fit on the shelf. There’s also a photo of my cat Morgen, who lives with my parents.

This is one of my favourites, although they’re like children, I can’t really have favourites. I think my little brother or my Mum gave her to me. She’s pink and fluffy and fabulous!

These are my tiniest friends. Last year my brother challenged me to collect okapis, which are my equal favourite but lesser know animal. Matt’s Mum gave me this tiny one for my birthday, I’m pretty sure I squealed when I saw it. And the teeny tiny giraffes are from my Auntie. They’re about 2cm tall, and reveal the fact that I need to dust.

And I really like having this create sign above my TV. My Mum sent it to me. I thought about painting it, but I kind of like the plain wood. It reminds me to create something every day, no matter how small. And the painted silk screen behind it was an amazing find. I got a box of craft bits and pieces on Freecycle and it was stuffed at the bottom. It’s so lovely, I love koi.

And that’s it! I have more giraffes, but I try to compromise with my knick knack hating man-friend. Do you like having your things on display?



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  1. VeryZoe / Apr 1 2011 9:50 am

    How awfully cute your giraffes all look hanging out together! Tell you what, when I travel to Uganda again this year, I’ll keep my eye out for okapis…

  2. caren / Mar 31 2011 6:21 pm

    yay!!! Giraffe shelf photos! This is such a treat, to see them sitting all in a row. I cannot believe you even have an Okapi figurine too! That giraffe with the hair & the frills & the high heels is insanely fabulous! I love that you look for giraffes of a different colour; pushing the boundaries of giraffe collecting!
    Also, yay for camera collecting! 🙂
    Thanks oodles for sharing your giraffes with us – it’s a lovely glimpse into your home! xox

  3. fatcatfromvox / Mar 31 2011 12:08 am

    How cute!

  4. Thalia / Mar 30 2011 5:22 pm

    Ahh! I love having things on display! I currently have lots of rainbow things just around the house, making everything brighter! We’re trying to cut back on our clutter (sigh) though, so some things have to go. Our space is just too small!!
    What a great idea to take pictures of it! I love the koi 🙂

  5. ironyonhighheels / Mar 30 2011 2:32 pm

    That looks really lovely! For a while I did the same thing with pigs. But I have given up on that. a) having to move it with me over and over again b) the dusting 😛
    Now there are just a couple of bigger things (easy to wipe down) and an assortment of candle holders.

  6. Lindsay Ann / Mar 30 2011 12:57 pm

    I agree – leave the CREATE in plain wood.

    LOVE your collection! =]

  7. Donaji / Mar 30 2011 12:31 pm

    love love love your giraffe collection, I think it’s more interesting having odd looking ones 🙂 I collected turtles for years until I ran out of room. The worse part is when everyone knows what you like, that’s what everyone gets you…so it got to the point I didn’t need to get them myself…but now I only kept my top favorite ones and display them around the house. I gave away the least interesting ones…lol and store those that I love but can’t get rid of because of sentimental value…but I have too many to display and don’t like to remove everything to dust…too much work! 🙂 p.s. love your camera collection too!

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