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January 10, 2011 / Zoe

A poem and unrelated photo

I can’t sleep tonight, and while it’s more than likely due to the 3.5 hour nap I had this afternoon, it is still frustrating! It would be ok if I was one of those people who could work all night while still feeling tired, but I’m not. I feel like my brain is whirring away, but my body is half a second behind. So many typos have been corrected already.

So since I’m unable to string together anything comprehensible I’m sharing an Emily Dickinson poem I love. I scribbled it down from a book in a coffee shop the other day, and it is very apt for my current state of mind.

Don’t put up my Thread and Needle—
I’ll begin to Sew
When the Birds begin to whistle—
Better Stitches—so—

These were bent—my sight got crooked—
When my mind—is plain
I’ll do seams—a Queen’s endeavor
Would not blush to own—

Hems—too fine for Lady’s tracing
To the sightless Knot—
Tucks—of dainty interspersion—
Like a dotted Dot—

Leave my Needle in the furrow—
Where I put it down—
I can make the zigzag stitches
Straight—when I am strong—

Till then—dreaming I am sewing
Fetch the seam I missed—
Closer—so I—at my sleeping—
Still surmise I stitch—

Emily Dickinson

And a completely unrelated photo of a sunset. I’m pretty happy with this photo, considering I snapped in from the window of the car while we were sitting at the lights. It was a truly magnificent sunset that night, I was so bummed that we were driving and I couldn’t capture more of it. It went from this golden to a deep orange, with scarlet red and then an unearthly purple.

I guess I’ll head back to bed now. If I don’t get to sleep before sunrise you’ll be able to find me banging my head against the wall.




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  1. thursday / Jan 15 2011 1:19 am

    Pretty picture my lovely friend! I hope you’re getting more sleep in spite of your crazy weather.

  2. Flamingo Dancer / Jan 10 2011 7:39 pm

    Great poem and photo – sleep well!

  3. Zoe MacLean / Jan 10 2011 11:46 am

    I adore that photo! I love the juxtaposition of the busyness of the houses to the open still space of the sky. Would you mind if I used it as my Wallpaper?

  4. Lindsay Ann / Jan 10 2011 6:06 am

    Oh no! I hate lying awake with a brain that won’t stop!

    That will be me tonight. I usually find a good book and The Shopping Channel (at a barely audible level) always put me to sleep.

    BTW: I *heart* Emily Dickinson.

  5. Cara / Jan 10 2011 5:56 am

    “I can make the zigzag stitches
    Straight—when I am strong—”


    I have an Emily Dickinson poem tattooed on my ribs:

    Winter under Cultivation
    Is as arable as Spring.

    On good days, it’s hopeful, promising. On less good days, it’s ironic. I never read it the same way twice, though, and it’s always a pleasant surprise when I remember that it’s there.

    I, too, had trouble sleeping last night. As usual. I had a lovely sleep this morning and a nap in the early afternoon, though. I love getting out of bed just to nap with the animals while my partner listens to audio books.

  6. caren / Jan 10 2011 5:44 am

    Oh, I know that bang-head-against-wall feeling! Oh too well. So sorry you are suffering the ways of a busy brain. I can’t shut mine down, either. No meditation (or medication!) routine helps, nor hot milk. Not even writing all my incoherent thoughts down. No, I just shift uncomfortably close to insanity whilst I try to busy my brain.
    In fact, last night, I sorted my collection of vintage buttons, organized my office, and cleaned my kitchen. It kept my mind busy & between that and watching a movie, filled my non-sleep adequately.
    I’d rather sleep, though.

  7. Lucy / Jan 10 2011 4:33 am

    lovely poem and lovely photo – thanks for sharing

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