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December 15, 2010 / Zoe

Sewing buddies

I haven’t written a ‘proper’ blog in 5 days. I don’t really know why, it’s not like I’m busy. I guess I just needed a blogging break. I’ve also gotten really behind in my blog reading and commenting, so if I owe you a comment, I’m sorry.

So, what have I been doing? Sewing, sewing, and more sewing! I’m really excited about what I’ve been doing, and I will post about it when I have some nice photos. Most of what I’m doing at the moment are tote bags for Christmas gifts, but there’s also the ulterior motive of being able to practice my sewing on people who don’t mind if all the seams aren’t perfectly straight. I will be expanding my shop with tote bags, pot holders and zippered pouches soon!

My sewing buddies, of course, include 5 cats. They mostly behave themselves, Zelda had one incident when she jumped up and attacked the machine while it was running. She luckily didn’t hit the needle, but it must have hurt a bit because she’s now completely lost interest in the sewing machine! Maisie likes to sit where I want to put the fabric to cut, and Morgan likes to try and pull the iron on top of her. Cats sure make life interesting!

But the sewing buddies I’m referring to are my musical companions. When I cross stitch I watch TV shows, and when I sew I listen to music. I don’t listen to a lot of music, and I always go back to my old favourites. Music that reminds me of times and places from long ago. Currently on high rotation are Tim Freedman and The Whitlams, and David Bowie. Now, I’ll forgive you if you’re not from around here, and so you haven’t heard of The Whitlams, but not liking David Bowie could be a deal breaker, people. He’s been one of my favourite artists for as long as I can remember, The Labyrinth was my absolute favourite movie when I was a kid, and still is.

I totally wanted to be Sarah. Except I would accept Jareth, the Goblin King, for what he was, and we would rule over the goblin world together.

This video makes me swoon, it’s my childhood dream wedding dance; her hair, her jewellery, her dress (minus the puffy sleeves, it was the 80’s, give her a break).

(This is my first time uploading a video, so let me know if there’s anything wrong with it.

This is another of my favourite Bowie songs. I honestly can’t pick a favourite Bowie song, he’s been through so many transformations in his long career, and each of them has been as brilliant as the last. But I love this clip so I chose this one. I love the androgyny, the bizarre costumes, the sax, the lyrics. Everything.


Tim Freeman and The Whitlams were a bit later, I really got into them in my teens. They’re an Aussie band from Sydney, and are named after Gough Whitlam, one of the best known Labour Prime Ministers we’ve had. Labour = left wing, although these days they’re closer to the middle than I would like. The Liberals are shudderingly right wing. (Vote Greens, yo.) I had a massive crush on Tim Freedman when I was 17, I read or heard him say sometime that he wouldn’t date someone less than half his age. Now, at 23, I am half his age. So things are looking up! Sorry, Matt.

Like Bowie, The Whitlams have had many transformations, the most drastic being after two of the original three members left the band. One because of suicide, the other left the band for other reasons, but committed suicide a couple of years after. I love how Tim Freedman has continued on with The Whitlams, despite the tragic losses of his friends. They released two albums before a) achieving mainstream success and b) Stevie’s death. I love those old albums, they’re raw and real. Not that the newer albums aren’t equally brilliant, there’s just something special about those first two. I’ve seen The Whitlams live numerous times, but the most amazing concert was with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra. Ah-mazing.

This isn’t from the same year I saw them, but still, amazing. I usually scroll past videos on blogs, so do yourself a favour, stop, get a cup of tea. And listen.

You can stop listening when they start chattering, I won’t mind.

As well as a full on orchestra song, I wanted to share one with just Tim and his keyboard. This song might make you cry, it’s truly heartbreaking. It’s about the two original band members I wrote about earlier.

Last one, I promise! No clip with this one. It’s a tribute to the great man who inspired the band. You might learn something about Australia History.

Now, back to sewing! And yes, I’ll be taking both these wonderful men with me.



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  1. Stefany / Dec 15 2010 10:05 pm

    Sometimes everyone needs a break and it sounds like you’ve got a lot done with your sewing!! I really want to get into that next year, think I’ll book myself some classes 🙂 xx

    • Zoe / Dec 16 2010 11:01 pm

      I hope you do get some classes, I’m completely self taught, so I’d be interested to read what they teach you!

  2. Circe / Dec 15 2010 7:25 am

    I love Labyrinth, I haven’t even thought about it in a hundred years, now I feel like I need to see it.

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