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December 1, 2010 / Zoe

A new family

A new family arrived yesterday. Yep, I shipped my human family off in the morning and filled the study with a new family before the day was out.

This is a family of grey tabbies. A trio, mumma and a boy and girl. Temperance, Norbit and Luna. I didn’t name them, apparently Norbit and Luna are Harry Potter themed and I’m not sure about Temperance.

That’s Norbit in the tree and Temperance down below. I don’t have any photos of Luna yet, she was hiding under the wardrobe when I took these photos, and now my batteries are dead. The babies are around 12 weeks, so they should really be giving up on nursing, and judging by Temperance’s attitude, I think she thinks so too. I’ve never fostered a mother with kittens, Zelda is the youngest kitten I’ve had and she came as a singleton at 6 weeks, so I don’t really know how to take Temperance’s aggression at her babies. I guess in ‘the wild’ this is about the time that the babies would be leaving the nest, they are no longer something to protect and have become the competition.

This is Norbit again. Luna looks just the same, but she’s much smaller. Temperance seems to be particularly agressive towards Luna. She’s not going out of her way to bug her mother or anything, Temperance is going out of her way to lash out a Luna! So for the time being at least I’m bought Luna out into the house. She’s not thrilled by the other cats, but at least they leave her alone. She’s now happily snoozing on my arm of my chair. I guess I will keep an eye on Temperance and Norbit before I decide if I should seperate them as well, at least for part of the day to give them both a break. I’ve asked if anyone can take either Mumma or bubs, so they might be short term fosters, which will probably be best for every one.

Aren’t Temperance’s markings gorgeous!? Such beautiful marbling. Those of you playing at home will put our cat count at 7. I swore I wouldn’t ever go above 5 again, but here we are. And those of you who have seen my home, which isn’t many of you, will know that 7 cats and 2 people make for a very crowded house! We have 3 doors within our house, so 4 spaces that cats can be confined. We don’t lock them in to the bedroom, we need at least one cat free space, so we have the study, the bathroom and the kitchen, lounge and laundry are all one space. So, we now have Morgan in the bathroom, she went on a holiday while my family are here, and the new family in the study. But Temperance doesn’t like her babies, the babies don’t like our cats, Zelda is still biting butts and Morgan? Well Morgan doesn’t like anyone. Except me. She’s obsessed with smooching my hand, even after our week apart.

Even though we’re a bit crowded I think it was the right thing to do to bring in the family. They urgently needed a place to stay, and I needed a reality check re: Zelda. Zelda has been part of the family for the past 8 weeks. Because she was separated from her family so young she doesn’t really like spending time with cats, she likes spending time with me. She snuggles all night, and curls up on my neck all day, she grooms me and kneads me. I’ve never been so attached to a foster before, the thought of someone else loving her like I do, well, it makes me feel jealous! But conversely, the thought of someone owning her and not loving her like I do makes me furious. But keeping her means a spot in our house that could be filled with another foster. A foster that may otherwise be put down. I know that I can’t keep her and it makes my heart ache. But that’s why fostering is so hard. It’s really really hard. Only very special people can do it, and I’m proud to be one of them.

But having a house full of cats. It’s totally worth it.



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  1. Diana / Dec 2 2010 11:36 am

    That is so sweet!

  2. caren / Dec 1 2010 6:30 pm

    Such beautiful cats! I am really touched by the fact you foster kitties in need. My heart swells!

    The story about Zelda, and how she has chosen you to be her human (no doubt about it, she has!) … well, that’s how it was with me and my Cheysuli (I referred to her as my Familiar). She really did choose me, and I was her human. It was an awesome thing (I miss her still; she died 8 years ago). I have a feeling little Zelda will not be letting go of you without a cat fight! meow!

  3. ironyonhighheels / Dec 1 2010 6:12 pm

    What a great idea! I’ll keep that in mind for the time I might have a place that is cat friendly. Then I could take foster cats in too.
    Good luck with the kittens and the dislike of the lot! It can’t be easy.

    Btw: Temperance = Bones? Just a suggestion.


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