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November 19, 2010 / Zoe

Giraffes in halves.

I have weird dreams. Weird vivid crazy dreams. Dreams that I know are only interesting to me, and perhaps a dream interpreter/psychologist. Which is why when I share dreams here I will keep them to 3 sentences or less, because I know. They’re boring.


Last night in dream land I wrote a children’s book called ‘Giraffes in Halves.’ It was pretty much about giraffes that only had back legs and tiny little heads.

It was weird.

In other news I have some house guests! Of the guinea pig variety. They’re very sweet boys, their owner is going home for his uni holidays for 3 months so I’m taking them for him. I’ll get some photos soon, one of them is really stunning, with long flowing hair and a very sweet temperament.

And next week I have some house guests of the human variety! My Mumma and little brother are visiting for a week, I’m very excited but also very nervous about how my agoraphobia will get in the way of family bonding.

I feel strange posting without a photo so here’s a photo of my Maisie teaching my foster kit Zelda how to look out the screen door. It’s from a while ago, Zelda is a bit bigger now.

Now I’m going to have my 6th cold shower for the day. I honestly can’t cope with 40°C (104°F) days.


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  1. Circe / Nov 20 2010 4:54 am

    that is a weird dream, though it is also a good title for a kid’s book

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