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August 13, 2010 / Zoe

The ‘Ollies

I can’t remember with who the ‘Ollies started.

It was either with Molly or Coalie, pronounced Colley and short for Charcoal. They both arroved when I was about 14. Molly the foxy dog is mine and Coalie the cat is my sister’s. Because I was a dog person and Lucie’s a cat person! It took me years to realise that I could be a cat person too, that I didn’t HAVE to be different to my sister. I’m most definitely a cat person, but I still love my Molly dog!

They’re both still with us, Coalie is the grumpiest cat and Molly, despite the greying muzzle, is still as hyper as she always was. When she wags her tail, which is whenever she sees anyone, her whole body shakes back and forth. And I love that even though she’s only seen me a couple of times in the last three years she still remembers me!

So, what am I talking about with the ‘Ollies? Well over the next 5 or 6 years after getting Molly and Coalie our family also had Jolly the lamb, Wally the lamb, Polly the chook, Ollie and Solly the guinea pigs (plus dozens of guinea pigs without Ollie names), Lolly and Zolly the fish, and Morgen the cat.


Poor Morgen missed out!

Morgen was my first cat. I got her when I was 17 before I moved to Melbourne to go to University. Unfortunately the place I was staying was awful and I couldn’t find another place to stay that would let me have a cat, so she’s been with my parents even since. And when I say it was awful, I mean my landlord/housemate kicked my cat. No words can express how much I detest that man! Morgen was never the same. She can be very aggressive towards people, and once attacked my poor brother. But she has her sweet moments, she slept under my covers every night and when she thinks she needs some food she becomes the most lovely cat you ever met! But don’t they all.

I would love to have her live with me again one day, but she HATES other cats so I’m not sure it would be worth it. Plus Mum and Morgen have a special relationship. Mum’s teaching her to talk. Seriously, when she’s asking for food it almost sounds human! And mum will answer back and make her ask over and over. One day she’ll just come right out and say, ‘give me the food woman!’

This is my mum opening a can of tuna.

Aren’t her markings gorgeous?


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