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August 8, 2010 / Zoe

Charlie Boy

While I was away Romeo and Mitzi got adopted. I was sad to not be able to say goodbye, but I’m thrilled they both found perfect homes.

Mitzi is with a family with teenagers and a couple of dogs. I wasn’t sure how she would go with dogs but they’ve reported back that she held her own and didn’t even floof up. Poor Matt got very attached to this special girl, and was so sad to let her. It broke my heart! We did discuss adopting her but she was from our first lot of fosters and many more special cats will come through our care. We can’t keep them all and have to trust that they’re happy in their new homes.

The second photo is heart breaking, so I must move on!

Our charmer Romeo is with friends of Matt and has slept in their bed from night one. I knew he would do great where ever he ended up.

So, back to the topic of the post! On Friday we pick up a new kit. Charlie. Again, not named by me, I can’t wait to name some fosters! Charlie fits him well though. He’s four months old and has a VERY loud purr. I haven’t had a chance to get a good photo, he’s spent most of his time inside the piano. But take a look at that face! Gorgeous.


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