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July 10, 2010 / Zoe

Ten things about me

I got this award from Clare at L.B.- Voyages of a Curious Mind. I haven’t been reading her blog for long, but she’s an Aussie who lives in Berlin, so I can live/read vicariously through her. You basically write ten things about you and pass it on. I’m not big on those kind of chain things though, so just take part if you want to.

1 ) I grew up in a teeny tiny town, population of around 100 if you include surrounding farms. My primary school had from 40 odd to 20 kids over my 7 years there, and in grade 3 and 4 I was the only person in my grade. This forced me to make friends with kids not my own age, and made my transition to high school a couple of years later a tough one.

2 ) I met the boyfriend on the internets. Myspace to be exact. I moved across the country to live with him, but it took us a little while to get our acts together and admit we weren’t just house mates. I came over to have a year off uni, but I never went back.

3 ) I’m a collector. I have HUNDREDS of dolphins in boxes in a shed at my parents house. I now collect giraffes, my favourite animal by about a million. I haven’t got hundreds (yet) as I have someone to control my habit. I also hoard things. I have a cupboard of shoe boxes full of my things I can’t part with. Don’t mess with my things!

4 ) I probably know more about child birth than many woman who have actually given birth. I find it interesting to read about, and I just figure I’ll be extra prepared when my turn comes, and I won’t be pushed into anything I don’t want. I also want to be a doula at some point in the future.

5 ) I bred guinea-pigs for most of my childhood. I had stud books and studied their genetics, the whole shebang. It was very ethical about it and never bred them more than once a year. My last one died a couple of years ago, but I’m going to get a couple in a few weeks. Whether I bred them or not is yet to be decided…

6) I love watching Le Tour de France. I think it started because my Grandad likes it. I’ve watched it for as long as I can remember. There’s just something hypnotic about it. An Aussie actually has a chance of winning this year, if Cadel Evans wins I’ll do a happy dance.

7 ) I love David Bowie. If I could have an affair with anyone it would be David Bowie circa 1986. Actually, if I could have an affair with anyone it would be The Goblin King from ‘The Labyrinth’, circa 1986…Do yourself a favour and watch that movie.

8 ) I had an Auntie who died when I was 4 and my handwriting is EXACTLY like hers, and completely different to anyone else in the family. I hadn’t seen her handwriting until I found a postcard she had written and mistook the writing for my own. When I showed my Mum she said it had been freaking her out for years.

9 ) I can, and will, eat cheese with ANYTHING. Satay sauce and cheese is a favourite, I also have the occasionally peanut butter and cheese sandwich. If it weren’t for cheese I would be vegan. One day I will have a couple of milking goats and make my own.

10 ) I like Pokemon. I’m young enough that I used to watch the cartoons before school and I have a younger brother who I’m close to who LOVED Pokemon, so I was ringed into playing the card games, which led to me playing the games on DS. I’ve never actively learnt the names, but I have somehow absorbed most of them.

I would love to read ten things about you!



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  1. Clare B / Jul 12 2010 3:56 pm

    I met my boyfriend doing my masters in the US. I had full intentions of returning to Australia after my 12 months in the US, but have somehow found myself living in Berlin with him… I’m hoping to be back in Australia one day (with him).

    • Zoe / Jul 12 2010 4:00 pm

      Berlin is much more glamorous than perth! I hope to drag my boy back to Melbourne at some point.

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