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July 10, 2010 / Zoe


So, somehow I found myself with 31 carrots.

How did this happen? Well, each week we get a box a vegies delivered, it’s great because we always have a good mix of veg in the fridge. But apparently we don’t eat as many carrots as supplied and each week a handful more make their way to the back of the fridge.

There was only one plan of action. A carrot feast!

Carrot and corn fritters with mashed avocado. I sometimes eat these with a sweet tomato relish but I couldn’t be bothered making it tonight.

Carrot salad with avocado, asparagus, roast mushroom and a very handsome boy. Jamie Oliver’s carrot salad looks better than mine though.

And as if there was any question as to what I was going to make for dessert! Vegan and gluten free carrot cake, with ‘cream cheese’ frosting. It turned out really well, a lot of gluten free cakes are dry and a lot of vegan cakes sink in the middle, but this one came out great.

I only managed to use up 11 carrots though, so maybe a few more carrot cakes are in my future. Recipes for the fritters and cake on the next page.


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  1. Melbourne Mumma / Jul 10 2010 11:21 am

    Your food looks yum. I should get organic veges delivered, have had them delivered before, but seem to end up getting too many of one vege (like your carrot issue) or obscure veges we don’t eat. Probably need to just find the right supplier. Great blog!

    • Zoe / Jul 10 2010 1:50 pm

      Thanks! We do eat nearly everything each week except the carrots, and our supplier lets you say if you don’t like anything, so we could go carrot free if we bothered calling up. But then there would be no carrot feasts!

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