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June 30, 2010 / Zoe

WIP Wednesday

It’s still Wednesday for half an hour!

Firstly, I said goodbye to one of my fosters today. Unfortunately he hasn’t been adopted, just shifted to another foster home where he’ll do much better than he was here with 5 other cats. The family were so nice and he’s going to love his time there. He’s the first foster I’ve had to say goodbye to, but I have to get used to it! Bye bye Brandon!

Onto the WIPs. I can’t really show what I’m working on, it’s a gift for my sister and I know she reads the blog. But my brothers don’t!  Our family is celebrating Christmas in 3 weeks so I’m rushing to get things done. Our unusual timing is due to me being a country away, so we pretty much celebrate Christmas whenever we’re all together. We’re calling it Yule tide though, as it falls closer to the winter solstice than it does to the supposed birth of Christ. We are also very non-religious so a pagan festival works for us too. I’m going to turn this guitar into a bookmark for my eldest brother.

One project that I may not get done in time is a scarf for my little brother. He’s tall so it’s going to have to be long and I’m a slooooow knitter. But I’m going to staying with Mum and Dad for a couple of weeks after so I hopefully will definitely finish it before I go home. He loves rainbows, he’s also very passionate about there only being 6 colours in the rainbow, hence the lack of indigo.

Daisy was very curious about that I was doing. I soon realised that a red background wasn’t going to work. I think she agreed.


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