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June 22, 2010 / Zoe

Cross stitch queen…

…Well maybe one day.

My first steps into cross stitching were tentative ones. My mum was visiting from Victoria for a week, and our idea of a great day out is a trip to spotlight and officeworks. And yes, this takes all day. In the bargain bin at spotlight I picked up a $5 cross stitch with an image from the artwork of Margaret Preston whose artwork I’ve always loved. So I shoved it under mum’s arm, as I do when I’m subtly hinting that I would like something… I had zero money at this point. She said she would only buy it for me if I promised I would FINISH IT.

Me? Finish something? Finish a cross stitch? I was terrified of cross stitch, I thought it was all counting and required the utmost concentration or it would all fall apart. I only wanted it for the artwork, couldn’t she just do it for me?

Apparently not.

So I bought it home and looked at it for a few weeks, I had all the excuses in the book, ‘I can’t do it when the cats are around.’ And ‘I’ll have to look up some tutorials online.’ And ‘it’s too hard for meeeeee.’

I finally opened it up. Low and behold, it had instructions (duh). And Maisie the cat? Not so interested. And was it hard? No, not really. Tedious? Sometimes. Time consuming? Well, yes a little. Fun? YES!

This is the final product of my first ever cross stitch. Not great photography, our house has such bad lighting.

When I was about half way through I was laying in bed thinking about how annoying it was that the patterns were so expensive, unless I could find them in the bargain bin. When I realised something… A pattern is just a bunch of squares! Surely I could make my own bunches of squares and make them look like something. After some googling I found this site. It’s not fool proof, after printing you still have to draw around the image and make the pattern, and that does take some time. But the possibilities are endless!

This is my first custom cross stitch, taken from an image I found online. I’m not sure of the legality of selling cross stitches from images that aren’t my own? This one isn’t for sale anyway but I want to start selling custom stuff through Etsy.

Note to self: Practice cross stitch photography!

And to finish, a token picture of a cat in an embroidery hoop.


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